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Talent acquisition: We’ve got you covered

It’s no secret that filling roles with the right candidate can sometimes be challenging. But did you know 9 in 10 people have their eye on the job market? That’s 90%. Almost everyone! Many check ads online, some get email alerts, while others through forwards from friends. So posting a job ad is still a great way to find candidates. There are many types of candidates out there: active candidates or passive candidates (who are happy with their job, but open to suggestions), or super passive candidates (who are already busy as they are). Wouldn’t it be great if you can expand your reach?

Introducing Talent Search. A fast, new way to connect with the right candidates. With just a few clicks, you can shortlist potential candidates, send them job invitations or check out their profiles. Now is your chance to get them. Login today and hit Talent Search right away. JobsDB advertising platform on the web simplifies your talent acquisition efforts.

All you need to power your hiring goals

At JobsDB we are redefining the search for talent to respond to these needs and help you achieve recruitment success faster with less effort. The result — a game-changing next-generation JobsDB Recruitment Centre packed with innovative features developed based on deep localised insight of hirers and talents.

We know talent sourcing today involves job postings as well as talent searching. Users typically post a job ad but also search the JobsDB database for candidates, a practice known as multi-sourcing. JobsDB Recruitment Centre integrates the practice of multi-sourcing into our Talent Search interface. Now, when you post a job ad you don’t have to wait for applicants to begin talent screening. You will immediately be able to get talent recommendations from the JobsDB database based on your requirements.

Expand and grow your talent recruitment efforts

Multi-sourcing gives you faster access to more candidates, allowing you to efficiently build a larger Talent Pool of candidates. This allows you to start the talent screening process while simultaneously build the Talent Pool. New collaborative tools help streamline the talent screening process. All stakeholders can now have visibility of the screening process via multi-party access to candidate information.

Candidates from the candidate pool can be screened easily in 3 simple steps. Use labels to quickly identify talent from the right hiring department. Then use Keyword Search to pick out specific skill sets to be shortlisted. Lastly, apply Filters to select relevant candidates to be shortlisted for interviews. Total transparency of candidate information and collaboration tools mean quicker and more efficient hiring decisions. JobsDB Recruitment Centre, a game-changing next generation platform, a total talent recruitment solution for the new era of HR.

Trusted by the world’s best

Over 60,000 employers have trusted JobsDB to source for quality candidates. You’ll be able to find the best talent from more than 1.9 million candidates that have trusted us with their talent profiles. We offer recruiting solutions that help streamline the hiring systems that you have in place. With embedded industry data across experience level, industry, skill set, and languages in Hong Kong, our experts are paving new roads in streamlining your recruitment process.

Take advantage of a smarter matching process that delivers a new talent sourcing experience. Explore more suitable candidates in addition to the applications you receive from our job ads to fill your job openings. Finding the right talent has never been easier. Login and get started today! JobsDB aspires to be your trusted advisor by adding value to your recruitment journey, every step of the way.

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